Special Delivery

Just so you know... I scooped every last thick stringy length of cum up and ate it.  Just saying.  

A pic is worth a thousand cums

What would you do if you were at work and I sent you a photo of me sucking someone elses cock.  Thats right, I'm your wife, your girlfriend, and I'm sending you pics of me with ano...

Tug Tug Shoot

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Queen of Spades

I do like a huge black dick deep in my pussy.  I like to see my belly move the deeper it goes in.  I often wonder what it would of been like to get pregnant with a black baby while...

Fuck Me In the Pink

I enjoyed this mans cock immensely.  I have fond memories of making out with him in the pool and blowing him while he sat on the edge.

Bridesmaid blow

Rick and his wonderful dick was enough to feed both the bride and the bridesmaids!

Cock Beater

Careful what you wish for.  He had a big old dick and he loved me to do terrible things to it.  I loved to comply with his wishes.  By the time I was done with it, over the course ...

Light me up mother fucker…literally!

Here is an older video of a stud that I used to fuck on a regular basis.  Kept the husband good and jealous because I used to let him creampie me and one time when I was fucking my...