So, here is a little video that I like to call muscle tug.  If you have learned one thing over the years it’s that my fascination with dicks just keeps increasing.  I can’t get enough of working them over and watching them empty their balls.  It’s my thing.  The stronger I get, the more grip I apply.  One might think it would hurt but I also have a very soft touch as well.  Just check this video out!  You can get it by joining my site right HERE or you can get it in my store right HERE!  Check it out!

I am going to fuck a super hot dude today. Yay for me! His body rocks! He has made me so damn horny right now that it’s annoying. It’s like I can almost taste his cock in my mouth right now. He is making me squirm in my chair, thinking about it. I may be sharing too much here. I get things going in my head with my weird little sexual fantasies, and they loop around and around in my mind. I have this mental picture of drinking from the fountain…except the fountain is his dick, and the drink is his cum. Probably a bit more than you wanted to know. I am supposed to be in an exclusive relationship with someone other than the fountain of penis stud. That isn’t working out too well. I figure if I swallow it all without spilling any on my shirt…odds are he will never know. It’s a good plan. It is, however, lousy implementation as I am pretty sure he reads everything I write. He’s kind of clingy that way. It’s like he doesn’t trust me. Go figure.

I feel for guys. Sex can be a lot of pressure. It’s a head game. You have to get your dick hard whenever I want you to, keep it hard long enough to keep me satisfied, and cum basically on command when I’m done with it. This poor fella bit off way more than he can chew so to speak and keep an eye on the other girls expressions!

Did you ever notice having friends can be exhausting? Especially retarded friends who do and say dumb shit. Of course, level headed friends are for the birds; they bore you to tears and judge the crap out of you. Never mind, retarded friends are the best. They probably feel the same way about me. Just saying.

I have been reading some other porn blogs. Yes, I know nine times out of ten they are written by some weird dude pretending to be that chick, and then claims to be her webmaster because he posts pics on Twitter and Instagram. These folks are way too sophisticated for me to absorb anyway. There is absolutely nothing worse than listening to a porn chick and or porn chick impersonator try and impress and guide your mind with their brilliance. They talk much too highly of themselves, raising the annoyance factor to nails on chalkboard levels. I also hate bullshit blogs where the theme is selling shit, then sell some more shit, and then sell some shit on top of the more shit. All followed by how great everything is in the fantastic life of porn. If everyone’s porn/whore career were hunky dory hard dicks and fuzzy butt plugs…then we would all be doing porn now, wouldn’t we? If we were all being honest, it would just be another day at the office just like everyone else. Except we don’t get paper jams in the printer. We get dick cheese under foreskins because dumbasses who forget how to wash their dicks properly are not an uncommon occurrence.

Never trust a dog to watch your food. Just saying.

Drugs and sex don’t mix. In fact, drugs as a whole don’t mix well with just about anything that I’ve seen. Only thing I’ve seen them do well is to make someone super happy right before they choke themselves dead with an extension cord. I know…shocking, right? Well maybe not.

Sleep is my drug….my bed is my dealer, and my alarm clock is the police.

I must go and indulge in some killer sleep followed by a round of fucking that hopefully will be so good I will need another hit of sleep afterward!

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