Here is a new set of photos I just put up in on the site.  To lazy to put them in the store and honestly, who really wants to buy pics anyway?  So give it a join, you can wack it to them right on your phone!  I know I wack to porn on my phone...who doesn't? [robo-gallery id="1161"] I drank a five hour energy drink and fucked my friends dick off.  What the holy hell besides caffeine do they put in that stuff?  I didn't literally make it fall off but not for lack of trying.  I didn't cum either.  I kept getting right there to the edge and then poof, gone.  I was able to get off at home later that night with help of a few appliances but even that wasn't that good.  The next day, I fucked my BF who has damn near a micro penis, and he got me off in a very big penis kind of way.  Things have returned to normal.  Micro penis BF doesn't get me off until we break out the toys and my friend can stick his right in take to my box to its happy place fast.  I blame the interruption on the Five Hour Energy drink.  Very weird. I am not a victim.  In fact I all these women running around whining about being victims is pissing me off.  I have gotten to the point where I want to kick their whiny little victim ass's.  They are so weak mentally, physically,  typically out of shape, drains on society.  Boo Hoo bitches.  Some dude was making out with you and he grabbed your tit or tried to finger your box.  Of course he did.  You were making out with him.  Guys, very few of you have ever offended me.  Rarely does someone ever touch me without permission or say something rude. I stand around wearing next to nothing for days at porn conventions so if someone is going to get that's going to be me...and I rarely do.  So, all y0u fat, sloppy, unkempt, ding dongs running around thinking your speaking for women, your not.  You are simply annoying the majority who are to polite to beat you like the idiots that you are. Guys, don't be girly men.  If you cry when you stub your toe, keep practicing stubbing your toes till you don't.  Fuck, I would die to have a dick and balls, they seem so fun, and it seems like all these men want to do is trade them in for a vagina these days.  Guys...don't wear yoga pants.  There is no such thing as gender fluid.  You are either a fruit or your not.  Pick a team.  Yoga pants belong to women.  You know, the kind without dick and balls.  No, I have zero issues with gay people.  In fact I partake in the pussy myself as often as I can.  I still know I'm a chick.  I still like to get all dolled up and shop for clothes.  I also like to bust the axles off my Jeep but at the end of the day, I will be fingering my Vagina.  Guys, suck all the dick you want.  There is nothing wrong with liking dick.  Doesn't make you gay.  Looking into his eyes lovingly while holding his hand and feeding him strawberries makes you gay.  Either way, at the end of the day, you are men.  Be it straight or are still men.  Even if you go full retard and chop your dick are still men...just men without dicks...probably wishing they hadn't done that.