I literally met this guy just hanging around in Daytona Beach. He was young, cute, and didn’t mind me sucking his dick on camera. He likes his dick sucked…I like sucking dick. It’s a win win. I don’t have any of these bullshit stories, made up fantasies, otherwise known as lies to tell you. I fuck em when and where I can. He left me with a very large amount of long ropes of cum all over my check. I love ropes of cum, they just just look tasty. Anyway, check out the video. It’s in my store which can buy HERE for $7.99 or you can simply join my site for all kinds of weird things you wont get anywhere else! JOIN HERE.

Look, people crack on me all the time, tell me how nasty I am, how disgusting I look and I’m fine with that.  In fact I get a good chuckle out of some of the insults.  I am not everyone’s cup of tea.  The difference is I am not demanding that I be accepted as such.  Never trust anyone who demands you accept things like Rainbow Happy, MeToo woke, or they just won’t say retard.”  They will be the first ones to steal your very last can of Beefaroni when the Apocalypse hits.  Just saying.

I know a guy with the best body and the smallest dick ever.  Life isn’t always fair.  I have fun with it.  I like to stroke it with my thumb and forefinger as that’s about all I can comfortably get around it.  It’s very hard to fuck.  It does do a nice job in the ass though.  Ass sex can suck royally.  Hurts like a mother.  Not with this guy though.  Slips right in, spits it load which makes me cum, and boom, wham bam thank you ma’am…all is right in the world.  What’s my point?  I don’t really have one.  Just saying he has a tiny pecker but with a little effort sex is just as good and sometimes better with it.  However,  I would dump him in a second for a ten incher, but those are few and far between.  Plus, I get turned on with the whole cuckold thing.

I can’t figure out if I want to be gay, bi, or straight.  It just depends on the day.  I am not one those ding dongs that doesn’t know what sex they want to be…I have that down.  I just don’t know which sex I want to play with on any given day.  Make sense?  Probably not.  I would love to have a penis.  As in my own personal, real, attached, cock and balls.  I still want my boobs and twat, just add the dick and balls.  I want to know what if feels like to slide my own dick into a tight, wet, pussy, for the first time.  Even better, I want to know what it feels like to empty my balls into a chick, or a dude if he’s up for it.  Anyway, unless they make a magic, grow a cock pill, that isn’t going to happen anytime soon.

I know a guy who smokes weed morning noon and night.  Seems to be better physically on him than booze would be.  He applied for a job as a driver, took a drug test and passed.  His weed dealer has some explaining to do.  Thats all I can think of.  Either that or Lab Corps is really bad at what they do.  Probably the latter.

Girls Gone Wild.  Remember that?  It’s still around in some way or another.  I know the founder was constantly in and out of jail.  I like when girls go wild.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a creepy fucker who digs teens, when I say girls, I mean 20’s to 30’s.  They look so cute flashing their tits and sticking a dick in their mouth.  I suppose you could say women or MILF’s gone wild but that makes me think of a chick in her 30’s or older losing her mind and biting her husbands dick off and letting him bleed out because he was looking at Asian porn.  Where oh where am I going with this?  Not a clue.  Guess I’m just saying I dig looking at chicks in their 20’s doing weird things, nude .  Don’t we all?

Catch you all later, got to get to the store!  See you there!


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