Hello everyone!  It’s a beautiful day here in Daytona Beach FL!  The video above is of me and Deauxma from San Antonio TX.  She is perfect and beautiful and I love to shoot videos with her!  Check it out and you can get it by joining my site, which is your best deal, getting it in my store, and that is about it.  I like to keep things in house if you know what I mean.

If I was a dude looking for a chick I would look for the seven following qualities.  Beautiful, intelligent, gracious, thoughtful, innocent, trustworthy, and sensible.  In other words, BIG TITS.  Easy to remember.

Remember when you could get the Playboy channel?  Who knows, maybe you still can.  I used to have it.  I enjoyed watching the chicks, and they even had hardcore scenes except for the cumshot.  I would literally watch it every morning.  I don’t know why but I would get up and watch it like it was the news.  Started my day off right I suppose.  Back then I had a damn remote for everything and it was a process just to get everything fired up correctly.  I had the Playboy channel on one morning when someone came to my house, which was new and I had a punch list of things to fix.  He rang the bell and went to turn the TV off and it wouldn’t turn off.  I had done something to the remote, so it wasn’t running the TV anymore.  He kept ringing the bell and I kept trying to turn the tv off, change the channel, anything at this point.  The plug was behind the TV so I couldn’t just unplug it.  The repairman started to leave so I ran to the door and let him in.  Right in front of him on a big old flat screen was some dude getting his dick sucked.  I played it off like it wasn’t a thing.  He had a harder time than I did acting like everything was normal.   I often wonder what he told his family and friends about that day.  It literally took me another five minutes to figure out which input was what to change the channel.  Don’t know why I thought of that today, I just did.

Public service announcement.  Never stick your dick in a hole in a wall if you don’t absolutely know whats on the other side.  Probably best to just not stick your dick in any hole in a wall but I know you guys won’t listen to me.  The following video will hopefully persuade at least a few of you.

Shocker I know.  But is it gay if you don’t know?  I say no, but it’s open for debate.  They should ask that question at the next Democrat debate.

Someone asked me if I thought there was to many illegal immigrants in the US today.  I didn’t know the answer so I found a poll online.  15% said yes, way to many.  10% said no, we need more.  The remaining 75% said “No Habla Ingles.”  Yeah, I know.  Not cool these days.  It will offend someone.  To bad.  Fuck off.  It’s funny.  I don’t care who you are.  Man, I am the worst porn chick ever.  I am supposed to be making up retarded porn plots and trying to sell them to you.  I tell bad jokes instead.


That’s all I have for today so make sure you keep checking back and for fucks sake, leave a comment, send a tip, say hi on Twitter but do something Dammit!

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