I shot this video yesterday. I am that fast. Enjoy it. I shot it with Casca Akashova and her friend in Daytona Beach. Was it fun? Absolutely. We will have to shoot more in the future. I still have some scenes I shot a long time ago I never got around to putting up but now that I’m stuck at home, I’ll start getting around to it. You can get the full version by joining my site here JOIN or you just buy the video right here BUY THE VIDEO  You can follow this beauty right here on Twitter Casca

As most of you know, I used to shoot some porn for the bigger name companies, but they are all shit anymore except for a few standouts. Dog Farts and its affiliates are badass. I am just saying. I don’t need to shoot videos anymore. I have a very small name for myself, and that is good enough for me. No drugs, no booze, no bullshit, and that kills about ninety-nine percent of the companies anyway. To their credit, I have never been mistreated by any company except for one rouge producer with Brazzers. He got fired shortly after that, and it wasn’t because of me. Man was he a dick. I do carry myself differently than a lot of other girls. I probably give off that persona that I’m not interested in stupid shit. What I’m saying here is you are better off just buying your porn from individual girls. You will always be able to find the weird shit, as there will always be the girls one meth hit away from shoving a toilet brush up their ass for you. I don’t condone it, but I don’t think it shouldn’t exist. Either here nor there. Buy from the girls and not the companies. Unless, and I say this without remorse, it’s a company putting out a solid product without much for competitors. The InterRacial scene is loaded with fantastic producers of quality porn. Porn that individual girls aren’t going to replicate because it is hard to find ten to twelve in horse cocks that actually get it up and stay hard for an entire scene, Trimix or not.

I want to fuck my trainer, but he isn’t interested. It just seems hot, fucking the trainer. I wonder what his cock looks like. I bet it’s delicious. Moving on.

Trimix. What is it? I can’t believe guys don’t know about Trimix. It’s three drugs mixed into one that you inject into the base of your dick and whammo, and you got a serious hardon ready for some severe fucking action. I know a guy. He says it’s fantastic, no side effects and he doesn’t feel the tiny needle when he sticks himself. It’s for guys who the pills don’t work or have side effects they don’t like. Back in the day, it was called Caverject. It used to be on porn sets all the time. I have no idea why guys are touchy over using ED medications. I would love to have a penis, absolutely love to stick it in someone, feel it empty out my balls. If it didn’t work for whatever reason, I’m getting it fixed one way or the other. Cocks are the easiest thing in the world to defeat. As in keep them soft. Just tell the person they are attached to it’s to small to be attached to a man and it does nothing for me when we have sex. Unless he’s into that, and a bunch of you are, it’s going soft. Reverse that if the guy loves humiliation. Some of you crazy fuckers are into trying to shrink you dicks. Why? I know you can do it with a drug combo and with the cages but it’s permanent. Nevermind, I won’t lie, it kinda turns me on as well. I would shrink some well-hung dudes who are super selfish in bed right down to a nub. That will teach them a lesson in learning to eat pussy better. Some of you dudes with massive dicks think that’s enough. You are kinda right. A big cock does tend to make me beg a little, but after a while, I want your face buried in my crotch. If I have to shrink your cock to do it…then let the cock shrinking begin!

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