Muscle Tug

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When only a strong, steady hand will do…I am the one for you!


So, I have said it before, I guess I will say it again.  I have a total fascination with dicks.  I want one for myself.  I can’t have one but a girl can dream.  I don’t want to give up my coochie, I just want to add a penis to the list of equipment.  Look, I know I’m weird.  I am not asking you to agree with me or join me in my decadence.  I am just blabbing on and on.  So, what is the point of telling you all this?  The video silly.  I love, and I mean love giving handjobs.  Not that I don’t like getting a hard cock slipped deep inside of me, I do, I just love holding cocks in my hand.  They fit so nicely.  It’s not like they just sit there and do nothing while I stroke them.  They jerk, twitch, harden, leak, and throw cum at me when it all becomes too much for it.  It’s like they take on a life of their own.  I would just love to just once feel what you are feeling when someone is stroking, licking, sticking their tongue in the tiny little slit in the tip.  I could go on and on but ultimately the point of all this is that my fascination with weenies has led me to make more and more handjob videos.  This would be one of them.



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