Proper way to handle a teenager!

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Sometimes going to the gym pays off in more ways than one!


Let’s start out with the video introduction.  It’s a short one…the dick wasn’t, the video was, about 4 minutes and the poor young fella wasn’t much of a cameraman while having his dick tugged.  Yes, I did it again.  I met a young man in the gym and I took him to my RV and did wonderful things to that young eighteen-year-old dick!  Why the RV you ask?  Because I had guys pulling up some old tile and I thought it might be a little weird jerking him off while they were there.  Did I do more than jerk him off?  No, I didn’t.  I promised someone I wouldn’t fuck anyone…but I didn’t say I wouldn’t jerk them off.  The promise is going to have to be broken though…sticking the same old dick in me makes Brooke a dull girl and we can’t have that!  Enjoy and plan on seeing more of him in the future…I know I will be!  So, let us watch some porn


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