Let's be honest here.  Porn is stupid.  Sometimes awkward amateurs make it even dumber.  Sometimes it gets so dumb it’s hot.  Don’t know how that happens, it just does.  This is one of those videos!  The cum shot at the end makes up for it.  I had him back a second time because of that cum shot but he failed me with the repeat.  It was like, sput, sput, sput, and that was it.  Oh well, I got me a massive load on the first one and I’ll never complain about a huge, thick, creamy load all up in me!  You can get this video in the STORE, or you can simply JOIN MY SITE and get all the videos.  If you haven’t noticed, I have been updating twice a week on the videos and the photo and short clips are about to drop in massive amounts!

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I like to watch weird porn.  They don’t make it weird enough for me.  If they do, I haven’t found it.  I saw this 3D video where this totally hot chick had the power to shrink dicks to tiny, skinny, itty bitty little things.  I wan’t to do that.  Shrink them just like the head shrinker did at the end of Beetlejuice.  They are so cute when they are that small and the mental power I could get over dudes with pencil thin cocks two inches long would be amazing.  I could just flick them with my finger and they would spit out their little load then shrink even more.  Fuck that turns me on.  Would I give them their big dick back?  Nope.  I would fuck guys in front of him so he knows that every dude is superior to him in the dick department.  Yes, I am very weird.  Who cares.  It’s all good fun unless you end with a dick being shrunk.  Actually, if you could deal with it, it would get my attention every damn day!

Kind of at a loss for things to write about.  I would go political but that always ends badly.  Someone gets butthurt.  I personally don’t care.  Go cry to whoever will listen, it’s the new, “I am so weak and mentally fragile” thing to do.  Personally, mentally weak people who are upset, offended, or generally otherwise so fragile that calling them a retard sends them to a therapist, are the worst.  They will be the first to die in the Apocalypse.  Even if they believe in God they are still going first, because like me, he vomits at the revolting thought of having to listen to them whine.  He will spurn all these social warriors down straight to hell.  Satan is building a wall to try to block this because he doesn’t want them either.  Man, I got a whole paragraph out of this.  Can’t believe it.

Think about this for a sec, when you say poop I’m pretty sure your mouth makes the same motion as your asshole.  Same is probably true for “explosive diarrhea.”  Probably not something you planned on reading this fine day yet here it is… jumped right out didn’t it.  No idea where that came from.

I once cheated on my boyfriend with his boss, at his boss’s house during a Christmas party.  His boss was single so no issues there.  One of the other employees walked in on us while I had my lips around his marvelous pole.  We were busted so we finished and I drank every last drop of his thick, creamy load.  He obviously told my boyfriend that night.  We broke up about three months later.  He had some insecurity issues.  Not sure why, I just told him if his boss were to call while we were having sex I would stop and immediately go suck the sperm directly out of his dick.  His penis was truly that good.  What can I say.  I liked his amazing penis.  I moved out, and he kept his job.  He must have thought that was the end of it until he saw me walk through his office into his boss’s office.  I had some sperm to collect and collect it I did.  I left that office looking thoroughly fucked, because I got thoroughly fucked.  Like I said, I wasn’t in love with the man, but I would have married that cock.  I tell you this because this happened like fifteen years ago and my ex emailed me a few months ago.  He wanted to inform me that he now forgives me and has moved on.  I caused him PTSD.  I told him thank you but I don’t have time for a long conversation, his ex boss called and I was going to have him try to shoot a baby deep up in me.  He didn’t write back.  True story.

Do escalators ever really break?  Or do they simply become stairs for a while?  Riddle me that one Mr.  Uh huh… that's a tough one.

My friends, I must call it quits.  I have nothing more to say and I am sitting here fingering myself because in less than an hour a very good friend with a very fine dick will shoot some baby batter all up in me and I do like baby batter all up in me!  

Catch you all later.

Love ya