The above video is brought to you by me—the old chick with a massively horny pussy. I like the way I look with young studs. I really am Mrs. Robison. I do like cucking and humiliating my partners as well. I just need one that will get on camera with me and be a good cuck. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed the short little clip. You can get the whole video by joining my site right here JOIN NOW , or you can get it in my store right here MY STORE

Ok, all you happy Corona Virus people…let’s get this going today. The lockdown is still going on though it isn’t much of one. Come to find out the Corona dislikes hot and muggy weather. Might be why we have like almost none here in Daytona. As many of you know, though I know it exists, I don’t buy into it the hysterics. I mean, I don’t want to die, but when my card is drawn, then the game is over, hopefully, for the better of the greater good. I eat to much candy, that will probably be my demise. I hope when I inevitably choke to death on gummy bears, people just say I was killed by bears and leave it at that. Please don’t write to me and tell me why I should stay in, shelter in place, all that stuff. I will do me, go to the open stores, which are most of them, and hit the beach. You do you. Stay in for the next twenty years, and I promise I won’t judge you. My prediction is in a few months that people are going to be infuriated about the whole thing. I could be “dead” wrong. Witticism intended.

Man, I live in a weird fantasy world sexually. I love all things weird. I’m fixated on tranny’s, I can’t get them out of my head. Sadly for me, they are mostly into folks who also have a dick, which, though I wish I had one, I don’t. I will have to settle for a rather massive clit. I find chicks way more attractive than guys. Everything about them turns me on more than guys. Except for one thing. The dick. I love dick. No matter how hard I try, a throbbing, leaking, ready to explode, dick is my weakness. To the point, I have been known to beg for it. I love vagina as well, but it’s just not a dick. If I was a dude, I would still want to suck dicks. Not sure I’d put them up my ass, but I would sure as hell be swallowing some cum. I like watching guys suck cock. It turns me on. I don’t like watching them kiss or fuck, though. It kills the mood for me. Sucking and handjobs are in bounds as far as me watching. Guys, don’t shit your pants, It’s not a requirement, and even if you did, it’s not gay. Gay is when you look into their eyes while you’re doing and wish they would be passionately kissing you over a romantic dinner. A dick in your mouth is sex. Weird sex maybe, but still just sex. Of course you could always just put your dick in my mouth and let me enjoy it all to myself. There is always that. Anyway, I got way off base here. My point is tranny’s are the best of everything for me. Maybe one day. A girl can always dream.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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