So, sometimes I like to give handjobs.  Just for fun of it.  I need nothing in return, just a messy finish is my satisfaction.  Just like guys like to play with boobs and boxes, I like to play with dick and balls.  It’s a thing.  I have given handjobs in cars, elevators, offices, boats, airplanes, a bathroom at a dinner party, just about everywhere.  I have a thing for handling cocks, one might say.  That’s what the above video is all about.  Enjoy it, I know we both did!  It is a true video.  I really jerked an 18-year-old off in my RV.  I had to double check his ID twice.  His dick never went down.  I wanted to fuck him but he wasn’t tested so I jerked him off a second time.  You can get this video by JOINING MY SITE or in MY STORE.