First things first.  That was a fine tug job with a mighty tasty finish.  That is a lot of cum!  You all know how I love the feel of a hard dick throbbing in my hand.  It’s one of lifes little…well sometime big, pleasures.  You can get this video several ways.  You can JOIN MY SITE and get all the videos that I post or you can go to THE STORE and buy individual ones of your choosing.

Cum belongs in a vagina.  It’s where it was meant to go.  It’s my favorite place to put it.  I like the way it feels when it pumps in me.  I would, however, like to just know once what it feels like to have a cock and pump a load of cum in a chick.  Not going to happen but a girl can finger herself thinking about it.  There is always that.


Guy on Twitter sends me a picture of his dick.  It’s enormous and handsome and I would marry it if I could.  Problem is, it’s not his dick.  I have seen this picture a thousand if not two thousand times from other gentlemen.  I don’t know who owns this massive beauty but I would like to.  This perfect horse cock sized masterpiece has been a Twitter staple for years though.  The photos never change.  They are always the same ones, which leads me to believe these are the only ones he ever took.  I love it when stupid Twitter chicks get all upset over some dude sending a dick pick or a cum tribute to them.  They are literally posting naked pictures of themselves hoping as many people as possible will see them in all their splendor.  You want equal rights, equal pay, all that crap…well it’s equal right to post nude pics.  It’s just a dick.  I like a good dick pic.  Dicks are fun.  They grow in your hand, jerk around if you tickle them, and if you do anything to them long enough, they spit at you.  Literally they are fun sticks attached to guys.  Here’s a hint.  Dicks look so much more tempting when they are vein bursting hard and trimmed tight.  Always be vein bursting hard and trimmed when snapping that pic and sending it.  Keep this in mind.  I am voicing the truth here and nothing but the truth.  Mostly when you are talking to chicks on Twitter you aren’t really speaking to the chick on Twitter or Instagram page.  It’s typically a dude running an account either for her, with or without her permission..  From husbands to boyfriends, that’s normally who is doing the posting.  Sad but true.  I am going some place with this.  Hence the reason they don’t like dick pics.  Probably threatened by them.  Send a pic of your tits or pussy…you are their best buddy.  Run from any chick or more likely dude, that doesn’t like dick pics.  I say send those dick pics to everybody; myself included!  Just be careful, you may not get the glowing review you were hoping for.


I love it when fat chicks try to persuade you they love themselves just the way they are then edit themselves thin.  There’s a big heaping plate of Oxymoron for you.  Very peculiar.


I see that England no longer likes us.  I would blame Trump but after thinking about it for a bit, England didn’t like George Washington either.  Oh well, tea anyone?


What’s going on in the world of porn?  Same old same old really.  Crack heads, chubby’s who edit themselves thin, psychopaths making incest porn, and nut jobs trying to kill each other.  When a line in a movie goes something like this “Mommy,  What is incest?   Mom: Shut up and keep licking”  Then you know you have a real band of creeps making a porn.  Some of these ding dongs try to rationalize it to me.  I simply say “Then you admit having sex with your own daughter turns you on”  and they slither away in shame…as they should.  I bet holidays are weird around these folks’ house.
I feel like I may be pissing a large portion of people off with this post.  Good for me!  But I better stop.  Don’t have the time to deal with the complaints.

Love ya